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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning thank you for joining us it's monday, june 4th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve is there. do we need an umbrella? >> yeah. a year ago it was raining. but june you don't think about that. but that's the case. here we have a system coming in. increasing clouds. slowly. i should say. temperatures will stay really cool today with 60s. you can see on the satellite picture rain will develop. it will fall apart as it moves south. you see that move into northwest sonoma county. highs today 60s. here is sal. westbound highway 4 off to a good start. the weather probably won't be here for the morning commute but might effect your drive later today. also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go back to the desk. thank you. in the news this morning a public apology expected later
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this morning from bay area high school students because of a senior prank that got out of school. now they may not graduate with their peers. paul chambers is live. >> reporter: many people play senior prank ons their schools but the people here at heritage high school the school officials say this wept a little too far. that is why in a few hours students will be back out here asking for remorse. hoping for forgiveness. >> what their vision of an innocent prank it ended up snowballing with way too many people here and people doing things that weren't just leaving footprints which was what their intent was. >> reporter: so what did they do? take a look for yourself. these pictures from thursday night show how paint on the students feet ended up on the ground of school campus. it was meant to symbolize the footprints left behind. but they also left a sheep
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chained up and stolen banners. >> it wasn't supposed to be bad it was harmless. that's why we used washable paint. >> yesterday many students came out back to the school to clean up the mess they left behind. so far about ten students have been suspended for finals week. another 25 questioned. the principal says dozens more could be punished. meaning many of them may not be able to participate in graduation. once again back out here live many of the students plan to hold a demonstration out here later today to ask for forgiveness. you never know what will happen. we will ask the principal will this actually work? we'll let you know as soon as we find that out. live in brentwood i'm paul chambers. 5:02. developing news has been a strong earthquake that rocked indonesia. within the hour tall buildings were swaying during the magnitude 6.1 quake. so far we have no word of immediate damage or injuries. now indonesia has earthquakes frequently as you know. and also has several fault
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lines and volcanos near it. a man with a long gang history will be sentenced today in the killing of a san francisco father and two of his sons. edwin ramos was convicted of three counts of murder. he shot and killed anthony bah loan yeah and two of his sons after mistaking them for gang members. ramos faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. the man accused of killing florida teenager trayvon martin is back in jail after turning himself in. coming up in 12 minutes what lawyers plan to ask a judge today. time is 5:03 a gunman still on the loose after a deadly shooting in a vallejo park. one of the victims that survived is showing signs of improvement. the 67-year-old woman was upgraded from critical to stable condition yesterday. just one day after investigators say a man opened fire at a barbecue add crest ranch -- at crest ranch park. a 17-year-old boy remains in
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critical condition and one man has died. >> it's tragic any time anyone is shot. but this one especially bad when you have a 57-year-old guy that is killed. a 67-year-old woman. a child. it shows disregard on the part of the shooter. >> residence in the area say that kind of violence is very unusual for this park. police in vallejo still searching for witnesses. if you have any information contact the police. four arrests have been made in the burglars of nearly 50 cars in south san francisco. police said they arrested three men and a juvenile yesterday at a stake out on airport boulevard. the suspects were spotted looking into car windows. when they saw police they sped off in a car but were eventually stopped. police found burglar tools in the car. they believe the four had been burglarizing cars at a hotel and restaurant parking lots for months. 5:04. more air tankers and firefighters now being sent to city koa yeah national forest
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where a big wild fire is burning. 250 firefighters are battling it now. more help is expected to arrive today. still no word on how this fire began. right now we are on the final moments of the first eclipse of this year. although many people in the bay area may not be able to see it. ktvu channel 2 is reporter christien kafton is taking us to the chabot space center in oakland where the doors opened early to show the view. >> reporter: yeah there were folks that wanted to see that. we are well into that lunar eclipse. lots of cloud cover making it a little frustrating for some folks. the weather has not been especially cooperative this morning. we did shoot video add 3:00 this morning just as the eclipse was getting under way. there are 30 or so people here
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watching the eclipse. they say despite the cloud cover they weren't disappointed. >> it's nature so you have to take it on its rules. and we were lucky because earlier we saw some beautiful breaks in the clouds. the cloud layer and sow some fantastic views as it was going into the full eclipse. >> reporter: there are some pro astronomers here helping them guide amateurs through this celestial event. couple weeks ago there was a partial solar eclipse. and tomorrow venus will cross the path of the sun. certainly a lot of reasons for people to keep their eyes skyward. christien kafton ktvu channel 2 news. >> now tomorrow there is an even more rare astronomical event starting shortly after 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. you should be able to see the beginning of what is called the transit of venus. it will take nearly seven how weres to see what looks like a
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small dark dot gliding across the face of the sun. the last one happened eight years ago. but the next one won't be until 2117. >> wow. 5:06. just over an hour from right now a new ferry service from oyster point will begin operations. this will connect oakland and alameda to a $25 million terminal in south frank. just south of candle stick park. there it is. with large companies located near oyster point, some of the people we talked to hoped this might ease the commute traffic. >> i think it's great. anyone if you are doing the commute. why you wouldn't want to ride the boat it's beyond me. >> right now the new service only runs on weekdays in the morning and afternoon. one way ride takes about 40 minutes. costs $7. this week though the service is
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absolutely free. san francisco's busy n- judah muni line is back up and running again. it had been shut down for the past 11 days for repair work. the work included track repairs as well as an upgrade to the sidewalks and under ground infrastructure but now it's back. >> very nice. good commute news. let's check in with sal. hopefully that will continue and it will be good. i hope so. yeah we will be watching that obviously. so this mornings commute looks pretty good so far. let's go outside and take a look at the pictures. 80 westbound that is looking very nice heading out to the mccarthur maze through vallejo. we've been checking on things. very minor things. fortunately we don't have any major. the weather will play a role. we will bring steve in here to explain that. bay bridge toll plaza very light. no problems yet. usually we don't get any significant traffic until the 6:00 hour. if you are driving on the san
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jose commute northbound 101 looks good. on 101 the peninsula that is also a nice drive. let's go to steve. >> thank you. a very good monday morning. i'm standing right in front of a cold front. there it is. it's on its way. this is delayed a little bit. well i don't want to be technical. there is what we call a little wave formed on there. at the same time it does delay the onset. clouds are increasing out advance of it. although last year june was very wet month. there is our system it begins to move into north western sonoma county. much cooler for everybody. light rain late morning early afternoon. the system could also produce thunderstorm activity. you get a lot of cool air aloft. probably to the north of us i don't think it will be here.
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58-72. rainfall amounts .01 to a quarter of a trace. there is not a lot to this system. clouds cooler today for everybody. light rain to the north and spreading south. windy at times. 50s and 60s. upper as 50s a few low 70s. but clearing, breezy on tuesday. okay wednesday. warm up fast another system increases its clouds. it clears out. it will not be very warm. it will be sunny to mostly sunny. >> thank you. 5:10 is the time right now. more than 150 people are dead after a plane crashing into a nigerian neighborhood. believed an american is among the dead. what officials think may have caused that plane to go town. >> can you believe it has been 23 years since the massacre in china? what survivors are still demanding from the chinese
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government. >> good morning, on the sunol grade traffic is moving along relatively well. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next?
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but when it comes to what you really love, you shouldn't have to sacrifice. and that goes double for ice cream. now you don't have to give up. you can give in with dreyer's slow churned light ice cream. we churn it slowly for all the rich and creamy taste with just half the fat. so now you can have your ice cream and it eat it, too. ♪ nestlé -- good food, good life. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:13. there are fears the death toll could rise from a devastating plane crash in nigeria. the jet liner crashed into a depositionly populated neighborhood yes.
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densely populated neighborhood yesterday. all 150 people on board and ten people on the ground died. the pilot was reportedly an american citizen. crews worked through the night to look for survivors. airline officials say the plane experienced some kind of engine trouble before it crashed. nigeria's president has declared three days of national mourning for the victims. lots of pressure on russia this morning to get tougher on syria. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom to tell us about important meetings today and also who syria's president blames for the mass killings there. alison. >> reporter: dave, european union leaders are in russia ratcheting up the pressure on vladimir putin. he wants them to usher in a new government there. human rights groups say dozens more innocent people were killed over the weekend.
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syria's president bashar al la saturday addressed parliament in the last five months and says there was an international conspiracy against his country. >> we are not spirit -- that wants to destroy the nation through terrorism. the search for prisoners of war in vietnam enters a new phase decades after the war ends. they will open three new sites for the u.s. toest coo visit in search for the remain -- toest coo visit. survivors and relatives of
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the victims say they want the government to be more forthcoming about what happened out there. so far the chinese government has not made any official statements about the event or the official death toll. still not known to the public. george zimmerman's attorney will ask the judge for a new bond hearing today. one day after he turned himself in. zimmerman that is accused of killing trayvon martin had been in hiding. he turned himself in yesterday two days after the judge revoked his bond. the judge said he lied about how much money he had access to when he was freed on bond in april. zimmerman's attorney acknowledged it could hurt his client's credibility. >> it's a credibility question with mr. zimmerman. now that credibility has been attacked or tarnished. and now he's going to have to rehabilitate it. >> zimmerman's attorney says he hopes his clients voluntary surrender shows he's not slight risk. 5:16.
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in election news voters head to the polls tomorrow for california's primary. senator dianne feinstein is seeking reelection along with congresswoman nancy pelosi, barbara lee and congressman mike honda. they will also decide the fate of prop 29. that would be $1 per pack tax for cigarettes. tobacco companies spent $50 million fighting it but the polls show it will be a close race. also on the ballot limiting the states legislative term limits. top two candidates for congress and state office will advance to the november election regardless of their party. also districts have been redrawn. that could produce more moderate candidates. presidential and county races are still the classic primary with one winner for each party. 5:17 is the time right now.
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back over to sal. so far pretty good commute, sal. >> yeah pretty good pam and dave. right now we are looking at the commute we normally check out. obviously we are doing pretty well. let's take a look at what we have highway 4 and highway 4 is already getting some slow traffic in antioch which is pretty typical. here in bay point not all that bad. also the morning commute looks pretty good if you are drying at the bay bridge toll plaza. getting a little bit light now. but there is no traffic on the bridge to speak of. this mornings drive on the hayward to union city drive that looks good heading south. let's go to steve. >> thank you very much, sal. good morning, on this monday morning. when i got up and put the temperatures together me and the cat were sitting i could see the eclipse was cool. it was clear. that is not the case now. clouds are starting to increase. not too bad for this time of year. increasing clouds to the morning hour and rain developing. these were high temperatures you were not supposed to see. there is our system live storm
5:19 am
tracker two system shows off the coast. still developing. it's on its way. it looks like it will make it north bay. south of that could be a little trickery as it weakens considerably. much cooler today. clouds on the increase. light rain in the forecast. it's coming in. the system moves in. highs today very cool. well below average this time of year. maybe a quarter of half inch some of the wettest locations to the north. upper 50s for some. manolo about 56-59 covers it. system is right there. it slowed down a little bit. that's delaying some of the rain. clouds are on the increase. light rain starts to the north. 50s and 60s and that is about it. maybe a few very, very low 70s. clearing and breezy on the cool side. we do warm it up fast. and then it looks like a cool down into friday. your weekend always in view
5:20 am
there it does look better. >> economic uncertainty continues to push the price of crude oil lower. this morning it's selling for less than $82 a barrel. that is down 2% since friday. industry analysts say it looks like oil prices could continue to fall as concerns over the european debt crisis and slow downs in the chinese and u.s. economies continue. overnight aids san markets finish -- asian markets finished down. taiwan, china, and south korea finished with losses of 3%. this morning european markets are following that lead although the losses are smaller. checking in on our numbers. i liked this headline. stock futures treading water. that is right. they are down just a little bit. futures for the s & p 500 indicating a slightly higher opening. big losses on friday following that jobs report.
5:21 am
time now 5:20. the end of an era at oakland international airport. why united airlines no longer serving the east bay. >> new testing for ground beef. what the department of agricultural will be looking for starting today. >> good morning, southbound 680 traffic looks pretty good leaving walnut creek and heading down toward san ramon. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. graduation, huh ?
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good morning. we have increasing clouds. we just heard from kirk up in minute see owe county. they've had light rain there since 3:00. 5:23. cleanup under way in virginia where two tornadoes ripped through anything in their way. friday's twister near petersburg look at this uprooted trees, damaged homes, and left several people with minor injuries. then there was a second tornado that touched down near hampton. national weather service says friday's storm also produced twisters in maryland. united airlines no longer operates out of oakland international airport. it made its final departure yesterday. there was a ceremonial water cannon salute. they were forced to cut their service due to financial reasons. >> we've been flying here for over 80 years. it's time for us to expand our
5:25 am
franke operations and really focus on airports that deliver the most convenience and service to our customers. >> if you booked tickets in advanced out of oakland you will be rerouted through san francisco. the airline says most of them are being transforred to san francisco or san jose. one of the main arrival runways is expected to open at 8:00 this morning. it has been shut down since friday night to allow crews to update lighting and signs. that closure cut the arrival rate in half from 60 planes per hour to 30. it did cause delays of more than an hour. starting today the agricultural department expands the search for dangerous bacteria in meat. that includes extra testing for six more strains of e. coli. right now there are more than 700 strains of e. coli. most of them are harmless but some could cause serious health problems. if the meat is found to be
5:26 am
contaminated it will not be allow to be sold. it could be the target of a retall. well known flea market vendor shot dead in front of his family. why police believe the 74-year- old man was targeted. >> also divers go back to the yew vis reservoir today looking for clues in the disappearance of sierra lamar. >> a witness describes how pablo sandoval was acting in the early morning hours friday morning right before a woman accused him of rape. >> good morning, southbound 101 traffic in marin county looks good approaching the 580 interchange. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. b
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good morning, to you. coal -- welcome back. it's monday, june 4th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. time is almost 5:30. still weird to say it rained last year at this time but caught us off guard this time too. >> probably will today too. there is a front moving in. maybe drizzle by the coast. there is our system not too bad. there is not a lot to the system but the mere fact it is here and will spread rain means temperatures really cool. 50s and painly 60s. here is sal. good morning, right now 237
5:30 am
this traffic looks good. also the morning commute here westbound bay bridge that looks good getting into san francisco. 5:29 let's go back to the studio. >> thank you, sal. the santa clara county dive team will return to the uvas reservoir. tara moriarty joins us from outside the sheriffs office where crews are getting readytist morning. >> that is right about five minutes ago they pulled out. we saw them gassing up both of their boats. they are heading out to the uvas reservrvoir right now. they tell us once they get started they will be there until 5:00 tonight. now they have been very adamant about the fact they believe sierra lamar's body will be found in a waterway. the sheriffs department is focus on finding her body because without it the outonly of the trial against her accused killer antolin torres will be decided by forensic evidence. authorities say they found his dna on sierra's clothing which
5:31 am
was folded in her bag tossed into a field close to her home. and the her dna was also found on torres' red jetta. we spoke to officials about why today's search is so important. >> we have further sonar images we scanned previously before the weekend that we will return and dive on. to verify what they are. >> reporter: now the reason investigators are so focused on uvas reservoir is garcia torres' mother said her son went fishing there the daisy era vanished. vanished. the family is holding out hope their daughter will be found alive. coming up in the next hour we will head out to the uvas reservoir and let you know if the sheriffs department finds anything. we are live in san jose i'm tara moriarty. time is 5:31. police in stockton right now searching for the gunman that killed a 74-year-old jewelry
5:32 am
vendor at a flea market. he was shot in front of his family saturday morning. he was unloading jewelry from his truck. he was well known at this flea market. investigators believe he was targeted for robbery because of that jewelry. >> after the shooting the suspects took the victims 1998 tan lincoln navigator. >> police say his car was found abandoned a half mile from where he was shot. the victims of saturdays shootings in downtown oakland are expected to survive. a man and woman were shot at 9:30 saturday night on broadway near 13th street. initial reports indicate that the woman had been shot in the chest. the man was shot in the leg. police say it appears both are now in stable condition. police have not released any information though on a suspect or a motive. 5:32. in just about 90 minutes from right now several high school seniors that have been suspended for their last week
5:33 am
at school will be staging a demonstration on campus. ktvu paul chambers is live at heritage high school in brentwood where their students were part of a senior prank that went bad. what happened? >> i tell you what school officials say this is not a laughing matter. so much so the students may not participate in graduation. as you said in a few hours here, students will hold a demonstration asking for forgiveness for what they have done. now these pictures from thursday night show how point on the students feet ended up at the grounds of the students campus. it was meant to symbolize the footsteps left behind. they also left behind a sheep chained on campus, stolen banners, and property damage. >> i totally saw it as a harmless prank. >> what their vision of an innocent prank it ended up snowballing with way too many people here and people doing things that weren't just leaving footprints which wisconsin what their intent was. >> reporter: yesterday many
5:34 am
students came back to school to clean up the mess they left behind. so far ten students have been suspended for finals week. another 25 questioned and the principal says dozens more could be punished. meaning many will not be able to participate in graduation ceremonies. >> it's okay to enjoy time in high school but it's not okay to deface the school campus. >> reporter: once again many of the punish the students will be out here in a few hours holding a demonstration before class and asking for forgiveness. we will be here as it happens and let you know if it work and if school officials change their mind about the current graduation problem. live in brentwood i'm paul chambers. 5:34. vandals attack newly renovated parks in san francisco.
5:35 am
playground reopened in mark. the new children's playground also hit with graffitis. san francisco chronicle reports the cleanup has already cost the city more than $150,000 this year. vallejo police say someone left a mysterious bone on their driveway. 5:35. san francisco mayor ed lee has filed a court order. he wants to get suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi's suspended phone calls, e-mails, and text messages. they exchanged several text messages on the new years eve that he bruised his arm's wife. he is accused of having a campaign manager to prevent his wife and a neighbor going to
5:36 am
the police. once detectives in santa cruz finish their sexual assault allegation against pablo sandoval a district attorney will decide if charges should be filed. a santa cruz bar manager told the news that pablo sandoval was friendly, socialized with fans and didn't leave the bar with any women early friday morning. three hours a later a woman told police that sandoval raped her at a aptose resort. sandoval's lawyer says the sex was consensual. now the fire burned in a pasture behind civil saddle road near a neighborhood. you can see that right there. it started at 7:30 last night and put out within an hour. firefighters say about 25 acres burned in that fire. look at that. it did come dangerously close to some homes but no structures were damaged.
5:37 am
5:36. if you live in the south bay you may have felt this yesterday morning. a 3.5 earthquake hit the area about 10:30 yesterday morning. according to the u.s. geological urva. it was nine miles north of morgan hill. 15 miles east, southeast of san jose. a concern about earthquakes is one of the reasons an east bay shelter for pregnant women may close its doors. the catholic dye sees of oakland found that casa would not be able to survive an earthquake. the shelter is one of the few places that allowed women to stay for several weeks after that give birth. a proposed budget will be submitted to the alameda county board of supervisors tomorrow. they are facing an $88 million short fall. today a budget work group will meet to discuss options to close that deficit.
5:38 am
supervisors have approve. all week you can bid for the opportunity to sit down and dine with billionaire warren buffet. right now you have a answer to be the only bidder. coming up how much money you will need to be considered for that lunch. >> i'm writing my check right now. >> it would be an interesting lunch. it's not a small amount. >> right now it's just us and sal. >> that is right we are looking at one of the freeways that gets busy early. carquinez bridge heading out toward the pinole area. you can see traffic in berkeley is getting a little busier as you drive toward the bay bridge toll plaza. when you get to the toll plaza it will be light there. no major problems. let's look at the toll plaza. you can see traffic is moving well and no problems get into the city.
5:39 am
also looking at hayward, union city in fremont that traffic looks good across the bay. 101 and 280 are also doing well. as we go to steve, steve today's giants game what do you suggest? >> you know, sal. >> yes, sir. >> they rarely rain out. rarely. they always find a way to play. i think they will probably delay. light rain. >> bring a jacket. >> yes, sir. definitely. yesterday was beautiful. low clouds and clear. it was a gorgeous day. but now we have increasing clouds and this system right there will drag rain across. mainly late morning. it's on its way. it's holding together. now people tend to frequent we have rain on this date last year. we had moderate rain. there it is. beginning to spread the system in. today already getting closer to sonoma county. up into minute see no county. even if the rain doesn't show up it will be noticeably
5:40 am
cooler. it tends to fall apart as it moves south. it will be in the 60s as compared to yesterday's 70s and 80s. now this system is here. increasing clouds. southerly breeze as well. system will be with us for today and it will start to clear by tonight. clouds, cooler for everybody. light rain to the north and spreading south. a little windy at times as well. highs today 50s and 60s. i mean this is really cool for this time of year. across the board here upper 50s to low to mid 60s. i did go one 70 down there in gilroy. 67 livermore. mountain view is in there. 50s and 60s up and down the coast. clear and breezy. wednesday looks sunny and warmer. another system comes in thursday. that gives us a lot of clouds and a cool down friday. the weekend does look mostly sunny and breezy. >> thank you. today the u.s. navy is marking the anniversary of a battle that may have changed the course of world history.
5:41 am
>> also an emergency landing caught on tape. why that air tanker landed on its belly. >> good morning, house fire in hayward does have some significant damage. we'll tell you what happened and why firefighters heard an explosion or reportedly an explosion at this address. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan do a lot of sending... and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. [ bob ] i got the tickets. [ male announcer ] and with citibank popmoney, it's even easier to keep sending...and receiving.
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we have some developing news here. news chopper two is over a house fire here in hayward. this is on fareway street. when firefighters arrived they found the garage pullly involved. but they also found live power lines down.
5:44 am
that may have been the course of the arching. pg&e is on the scene. they have shut the power off to allow firefighters to work. there are no injuries. this fire was reported about an hour from now. it sure woke the whole neighborhood up. firefighters rei main on the scene here in hayward. let's two back to the desk. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 5:43. several students from heritage high school are fighting for their opportunity to graduate. they had been suspended over a senior prank. now they are planning a demonstration at the brentwood school at 7:00 this morning. also this morning the santa clara county dive team is going back to the uvas reservoir. they left the sheriffs department 20 minutes ago. they will be out there looking for clues in the sierra lamar's case. they have charged torres with kidnapping and murder. and in just about 30 minutes from now a new ferry service
5:45 am
begins. this one will take passengers from oakland and alameda to oyster point in san francisco. one ride will cost $7. it will be absolutely free all this week. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky's trial is set to begin tomorrow. prosecutors say sandusky sexually abused february boys over 15 years. 5:45 on effort to put out that big wild fire in western utah turned deadly. fire fighting air tanker crashed yesterday killing two pilots. they were making their second run of the day when the tankers suddenly went down in a steep mountainous terrain. >> even though the age of these aircrafts sometimes they can be a little older, they are in tiptop running shape. >> investigators still want to
5:46 am
know what went wrong. the two pilots were both from boise, idaho. also in nevada another fire fighting air tanker made an emergency landing. the flames left side land -- the planes left side running gear wouldn't come down so the plane had to land on its belly. they were waiting nearby just in case for the worst case scenario but it did make a successful landing. interstate 680 is back open after being closed by a grass fire. it was one of several small fires that started yesterday afternoon. this one was at the intersection of 680 and 880 in fairfield. firefighters had to close the southbound lanes for about 30 minutes because of heavy smoke. no word yet on what started the fire. san rafael firefighters say eight small brush fires were likely set by someone. three fires were discovered yesterday afternoon. then five more fires were
5:47 am
discovered between rice and anderson. they were likely started by someone traveling along that route. 5:46. today is the day of rest for that crew moving the shuttle prototype enterprise. enterprise was sailed around new york harbor on a barge yesterday. there was a gust of wind that lifted one wing of the shuttle and hit a woodpiling causing a little bit of cosmetic damage. tomorrow the enterprise will finish its journey sailing past the statue of liberty and ending up at the floating new york city museum that will be the final home. this is the 70th anniversary of the battle that changed the course of world war ii in the pacific. today the commander of the pacific fleet will fly to midway island where the u.s. sank four japanese aircraft carriers. it lasted three days. it left japan on the defensive
5:48 am
for the rest of the war. still no bids this morning on the power lunch warren buffet is auctioning to benefit a san francisco foundation. the starting bid on e bay must be ateleioses $25,000. the auction began yesterday and ends on friday. now this is the 13th year buffet has taken part in the lunch auction. it's to raise money for glide memory churches nonprofit foundation. last years winner paid $2.6 million for that lunch. 5:48. let's get you to where you feed to go. you are working with the chopper right now. >> i am. and looking at a fire as we look at a house fire here in hayward. this is on fareway street. the closest by main street. it's somewhat near the hayward golf course. this garage was fully involved in flames. they also had the problem of live power lines down. neighbors reported hearing an explosion still trying to figure that out. the good news is that no one
5:49 am
was injured. although pretty heavy damage and looks like the car inside is completely gone there as well. again this is on fareaway street. not causing any major blockage of any of the gyre streets nearby . let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along very well. and if you are driving in san jose the traffic is looking good on on 101 and 280. i just got a tweet asking if the n-judah is running. yes, it is running. it is running now as it normally was. now let's go to steve. >> thank you. much cooler today and clouds and light rain. light rain is june 4th. one year ago today san francisco had an inch and quarter of rain. one year ago. what are the odds in that is wacky. and increasing clouds already beginning to move over the area. it will be cooler for
5:50 am
everybody. and temperatures held in the 60s. light rain though 50s and 60s and a few low 70s. and about .01 to a quarter of an inch will cover the spread. it's here. there is a system. it's increasing the clouds. late morning and early afternoon for this system. but still here it is. it's arriving. rain is developing off the sonoma county coast. 50s and 60s on the coast. our system has developed a system within the system. it's slowing it down a little bit. clouds, cooler. maybe a little bit of sun in the morning. light rain to the north spreading south. winds will crank up a little bit here. 50s and 60s on the temps. this is way below average for this time of year. 59 pacifica. 66 napa. 65 santa rosa. berkeley at 61.
5:51 am
there is the 70 in gilroy. livermore 67. redwood city 66. santa cruz at 65. and yes giants going for the sweep here. cubs 12:45. mostly cloudy light rain. light rain. clearing, breezy on tuesday. mostly sunny on wednesday. friday looks breezy and cooler with your weekend always in view. it does look much better. >> thank you, steve. today is the start of the annual easter eve video conference. there is not much enthusiasm only nintendo is expected to showcase hardware this time around. $ford says it's in -- ford says it's in talks with its new brand. ford already makes itsniest that focus and sedans in china for the asian market.
5:52 am
we are finally starting to see gas prices fall. light now the average for a gallon of regular $4.32. that is down $0.03 from last month. >> we'll take it. >> yeah. next stop san francisco for tiger woods. where tiger played where am super star yesterday and why he's now focused on the bay area. >> plus there she is. why the miss usa crown has a new owner this morning.
5:53 am
5:54 am
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welcome back. tiger woods hopes his big win at the memorial tournament will prepare him for the u.s. open in san francisco. look at this. look at this shot. it might go in. it is in. >> that is ridiculous. >> that is just like you out there. >> i can do that too. that is ridiculous. that shot an 16 tied for eight under par yesterday. tiger you did it. he won the tournament. it was the final tuneup on the
5:56 am
tour before next weeks u.s. open at the olympic club. for the first time in 50 years san rafael will play host to a pro baseball team tonight. the san rafael pacifics that is them in the green and blue uniforms. they will be hosting the sonoma grapes. former mayor albert buro will throw out the first pitch. >> very exciting. the smallest stadium in the country won a big pageant title. >> miss usa 2012 rhode island. >> she paused for a second there. couldn't believe it. last night 20-year-old olivia culpo took home the title. she voiced support for transgender contestants. saying it would be fair if a nonnatural born woman would win.
5:57 am
queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee continues tonight featuring a concert at the title. the queen is marking 60 years on the thrown. yesterday more than a million people turned out to watch the parade of boats. she was joined by her grandson prince william his wife kate the duchess of cambridge as well as prince harry and the queen's husband. splendid affair. >> absolutely. sal, is the commute splenned so far? >> it's not bad. if you have to go to work on this monday i think i can give you good news. let's start off with -- and pam of course. dave and pam. let's start off with 280, 880 in san jose. it looks good. not a bad commute. sunol grade getting there is moving along. if you are using 880 hayward union city and fremont that is off to a nice start. let's go back to you. a wild fire burning in the
5:58 am
city coy yeah national forest. this fire doubled in size in one day. >> also the search continues in vallejo for whoever opened fire on a park on saturday night killing one man. >> good morning, clouds increasing leading o rain? we'll have the forecast coming up in two minutes.
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